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Krystin Collins Attorney at Law is dedicated to helping families, individuals and businesses resolve their problems. She provides experienced counsel and representation in a wide variety of Estate and probate issues. Whether your case is related to the death of a loved one, or how to handle an inherited property, Krystin Collins can help you make informed decisions.


Probate is a legal process put in effect when someone dies and does not have a Last Will. This leads to the property passing directly to the beneficiaries. Who are these rightful heirs or beneficiaries? Typically, those with whom you have had close relationships, such as family members, relatives, friends, and loved ones. If there is a Last Will for the probate process, you should have the original Will to address its validation, authenticity, and identification of the property.

Kinds of Probate Law We Handle

Talk to an estate planning attorney about your particular situation and include life insurance as part of your overall financial plan to avoid probate.

Administration of Will

Will as a Muniment of Title

Heirship & Intestacy

Power of Attorney

Medical Power of Attorney

Small Estate Affidavit

Some states require documentation issued by the probate courts or court-appointed executor before accessing a bank account or cashing checks made payable to the estate from a personal injury case. Life insurance can make real estate payments as well as provide funds for living expenses.

.. and if there is no will...

Generally speaking, unless you have a will, and very few people do, your surviving spouse inherits all of your property in the absence of children or any other family members who come first.

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